Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Stand for Kindness: Friday, June 17!

So everything is percolating and it looks like our first Stand for Kindness will be this Friday in Oak Park. Look for our cute stand! We'll be selling lemonade, herbal sun tea, cow-hugger cookies (chocolate chip with oats and toasted pecans) and blueberry lemon muffins. Everything will be as organic as we can get, Fair Trade and vegan. Look for us at the southeast corner of Elmwood and Lake Street (approximately 500 Lake Street) in Oak Park, just west of the Ridgeland Commons center from 11:00 - 2:00!

Prices are $1.00 for a 12-ounce beverage or .75 for up to 16-ounces if you bring your own mug. Cookies are $1.00 and muffins are $1.50. All profits from our weekly sales will be equally divided at the end of summer to our charities: Mercy For Animals, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Oak Park's Animal Care League and Have a Heart Farm.

Edited to add: please disregard the former location I published here in a sleep-deprived state. The posted location here is the correct location. Thank you!


Sneaky Vegan said...

How awesomely awesome this is!!! I'm so sad that I'm so far away. Good luck Justice!!!

Rhea Parsons said...


I love your new logo. It's so cool! I really wish I could be there to get some of those "goodies for good."

Is there any way to contribute for people who live far away?

Good luck at the sale!!


Justice said...

Thank you, Sneaky Vegan! When you come to visit family in Chicago, let us know and we'll bring you treats straightaway. :)

Justice said...

Thank you for your compliment on the logo. I appreciate it!

That's a really great idea, Rhea. We will look into PayPal for this. Thank you!